Is Modernity an Attitude?

bauhaus now #1

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bauhaus now #1
Is Modernity an Attitude?

What are the major design tasks and problems of the 21st century? What do designers work on today? What do they dream of? What challenges confront them? Does the holistic approach of the Bauhaus still offer possible solutions for the future?
In our first issue, we focus on the basic attitude of modernity, its “mindset”, its creative spirit, which counters thought that follows fixed paths and pre-established patterns by offering a critical outlook and approach, and by so doing, opens up new creative opportunities and design freedom.
We take you from the “Bauhaus Myth” to the “Bauhaus as a Phenomenon” to the idea and the vision of the Bauhaus that is still conveyed and preserved today.
Throughout 142 pages, numerous well-known figures such as the artist Marina Abramović, the industrial designer Yves Béhar, the virtual reality expert Jessica Brillhart, the philosopher Alain Badiou and the design researcher Rathna Ramanathan trace the image of a multipolar, global movement that belongs to the foundations of contemporary culture.
They use their contributions to examine whether and under what conditions modernity is still a concept with a future – looking at it in a critical as well as passionate and optimistic way.

Publisher: 100 years of bauhaus, Weimar
Design and editing: Stan Hema, Berlin
Distribution: DPV Deutscher Pressevertrieb GmbH, Hamburg

ISSN 2510-5841 (German)
ISBN 2510-585X (English)
€ 6,90 € (Germany)
€ 7.70 (Austria)
SFr. 10.90 (Switzerland)
€ 7.90 (Luxembourg)

Articles from the third edition of bauhaus now:

Don Norman on the influential role of Bauhaus design

Why we need so much more than the Bauhaus

The Bauhaus movement in Germany, roughly 1919-1933, marked a major turning point for design and its role in society. It exerted a powerful and influential role in the development of artist style. But today, for many designers, it is more of a historical curiosity than a role model. Why? What has changed?

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Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin / © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016
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Rathna Ramanathan on design education in a post-colonial context

Education through Sabotage!

Rathna Ramanathan, Program Director at the Royal College of Art about the modern obsession with ourselves.

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Drawing: Anna Beil
International Modernism: India

“Jeanneret” made in India

The so-called “Jeanneret Furniture” of the north Indian city Chandigarh is directly associated with Le Corbusier and the European 20th century modernists.

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Photo: Amie Siegel, ”Provenance“, 2013, HD Video (Still)
Jessica Brillhart on designing virtual worlds

Crafting the Mental Space

Jessica Brillhart is an American filmmaker. She was a part of the virtual reality team at Google and is internationally known for her contribution to the theory and practice of VR. A conversation about meditation in mental spaces, the perception of the futre and radical experimentation.

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Photo: © Jessica Brillhart,
Migration and Modernity

The White Pavilions of Interwar Beirut

Migrating communities as a burden for the host societies? Beirut tends to prove that migration can sometimes offer a rather challenging context for regeneration and innovation, both for the host societies and the migrants.

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Making Modernity Possible

No prosperity without women

Isabel Allende is a Chilean-American bestselling author. In her work, as with her foundation, she advocates the equality of the sexes.

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