Max Krehan

1920–1924 Bauhaus master

Portrait of Max Krehan, Photo: unknown, 1924.
Portrait of Max Krehan, Photo: unknown, 1924. © Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.
  • Born on 11.7.1875 in Dornburg, Grand Duchy of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach (German Reich) | today Germany
  • Died on 16.10.1925 in Dornburg, State of Thuringia (German Reich) | today Deutschland

The artistic training of Max Krehan began in 1889 at the home family business in Dornburg near Weimar with a pottery apprenticeship. He already passed his journeyman’s examination in 1890 and travelled as an artisan for a number of years to places like Switzerland. After he returned home, he passed the master examination in 1900 and – together with his brother Karl – continued to operate the family business that was one of the last pottery workshops in the Weimar region at that time.
Starting in May 1920, he participated in the development and furnishing of the ceramics workshop of the Bauhaus, for which he was the workshop master for almost four years and worked together with Gerhard Marcks and Otto Lindig. During that same year, he started teaching at his own ceramics workshop. It was taken over by the Bauhaus Weimar in 1923 and operated until the start of 1924. Successful models and prototypes for the industrial production were made here.

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