1919–1933 (from 1929 fitting-out workshop)

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / © Ursula Kirsten-Collein
Bauhaus student in the joinery of the Bauhaus, photo: Edmund Collein, 1928–1929

Masters and Teachers

Johannes Itten, 1919–1922
Walter Gropius, 1922–1925
Marcel Breuer, 1925–1928

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From 1919, Johannes Itten headed the carpentry workshop at the Bauhaus as master of form until it was taken over by Walter Gropius in 1922. The first items of furniture, produced purely using traditional woodworking methods, were still strongly influenced by the expressionism of the early Weimar years. One example of this is Marcel Breuer’s hand-carved African Chair. Johannes Itten‘s teachings also shaped the work in the furniture workshop, and this is seen in the colours and design of Peter Keler’s cradle, composed of a circle, square and triangle.


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