Stained glass


Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Glass and Mural Painting Workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar, around 1923

Masters and Teachers

Johannes Itten
Paul Klee
Josef Albers

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The glass painting workshop was developed from 1920 by Johannes Itten. Paul Klee was its master of form from 1922. Josef Albers, who entered the Bauhaus in 1920 as a student, was appointed as both journeyman and provisional master of works of the workshop for glass painting in 1922. With his stained glass windows for Sommerfeld House and Otte House in Berlin as well as the stairwell of the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, he created the best-known artworks of the glass painting workshop. Due to a lack of commissions, this workshop was merged with the sculpture and stage workshops in the “experimental laboratory of the Bauhaus” in 1924. Here, unlike in the production based workshops, there was plenty of scope for experimentation. The glass painting workshop was closed when the Bauhaus moved to Dessau.



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