AEG Turbine Hall, Berlin

Peter Behrens, 1908–1909

Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
AEG Turbine Hall in Berlin, architecture: Peter Behrens, 1908–1909.

The Turbine Hall was designed by Peter Behrens for AEG in 1908/09. Its main façade is composed of a large-scale, supporting glazed surface flanked by Egyptianesque corner towers and a crowning, polygonal gable. The latter features the inscription “Turbine Factory” and the AEG signet, which was also designed by Behrens. Viewed as a unit, the glazed surface area and gable take on the shape of a hammer, while the façade as a whole, together with the lateral façade that achieves a sense of rhythm by alternating triple cantilever beams and windows, awakens associations with a Greek temple.

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