Kornhaus, Dessau

Carl Fieger, 1930

Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Kornhaus, Dessau, architecture: Carl Fieger, 1930

In March 1929, Dessau’s city administration announced a competition for local architects. Carl Fieger was accepted ahead of Hannes Meyer and the building department of the Bauhaus for a structure that was intended as a combination of a restaurant, dance hall and beer bar. Fieger – who had worked in the architecture office of Walter Gropius since 1921 and had been responsible for his drawings and designs since 1928 – designed an L-shaped floor plan that appeared to quote a steamboat motif. A two-storey rectangle with a shape that nestled against the dyke was connected with a semicircular, glass-enclosed winter garden that projects so far forward that it almost appears to float.

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