Bauhaus Canteen, Dessau

Ivana Tomljenović, 1930

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb / The Avantgarde Museum
Bauhaus-Kantine, Foto: Ivana Tomljenović, Dessau, 1930

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The photographs that Ivana Tomljenović-Meller produced at the Bauhaus, are documents of the photography of the "New Vision" - one of the most popular avantgarde movements of the 1920s and 30s, whose leaders, László Moholy-Nagy and Alexander Rodchenko, envisioned unfamiliar perspectives (extremely steep views, details, drastic cuts, application of light and shadow, alienation of the already known, experiments with mirrors and multiple exposure) on the ordinary. The pictures mostly show dynamic movements that seem to be snapshots of moments. Tomljenović-Meller caught on camera the everyday life at the Bauhaus in Dessau - scenes at the Bauhaus canteen or the leisure activities during breaks in front of the Bauhaus building as well as individual portraits of fellow students.

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Entspannung auf der Bauhaus-Terrasse, Foto: Ivana Tomljenović, Dessau, 1930.
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