Feather, Study from Peterhans' class at the Bauhaus in Berlin

Horacio Coppola, 1932

Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin / © Galería Jorge Mara - La Ruche
'Feather', Photography Class by Peterhans, Bauhaus Berlin, photo: Horacio Coppola, 1932, reproduction.

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Another photo from Horacio Coppola's Bauhaus period is a detailed shot of a feather placed on a kind of cotton material. The curving structure of the feather and the firm lighting and exposure of its downy texture create an association with perfect softness and safety. The slightly creased supporting material forms abstract shapes that cushion the gentleness of the feather. Coppola continued to work with the abstraction of shapes that he had learned from Walter Peterhans after he returned to Argentina in 1936. In the same year, he took numerous nighttime and daytime photos of his home city, Buenos Aires, which were brought together in the publicationBuenos Aires, 1936 – pictures that still decisively influence the image of the Argentine capital even today.

The Photograph has been retrospectively tagged by Coppola: 'Feder/ Bauhaus, Berlin 1932'.

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