Insight into the Engine Room of the Columbus of the Norddt. Lloyd

Ise Gropius, 1928

Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin / © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016
'Im Stahlgewirr eines Ozeandampfers' / Photo: Ise Gropius, 1928

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A photograph by Ise Gropius taken on a seven-week trip to America in 1928 was even published in the Münchner Illustrierte Presse and credited to her by name. In this view of the cruise liner’s engine-room, she once again demonstrates her trained eye: she deliberately guides the viewer’s attention to the formal language dominated by technology, in accordance with the contemporary New Vision. The photograph perfectly reflects the new unity of art and technology postulated as a programme by Walter Gropius.

Photographed published in: Münchner Illustrierte Presse, Nr. 13, 30.3.1930.

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