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Concerts, installations, puppet theatre and traditional spoken theatre, dance and film, workshops and lecture demonstrations, games and festivals: The programme offers many different event formats for audience members of all ages, whether young or old, and for Bauhaus connoisseurs and new discoverers alike. Passion and curiosity will drive a rediscovery and exploration of outstanding historical legacies of the Bauhaus and the traces of this art form along with the inspiration it offers us for today’s world and the future.

The opening festival is under the artistic direction of Bettina Wagner-Bergelt, who has invited numerous artists from all over the world to come to Berlin to revive the spirit of the Bauhaus in the tradition of Oskar Schlemmer, Wassily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee and many others. Inspired by the first Bauhaus Week of 1923and the legendary Bauhaus festivals, a creative atmosphere of experimentation and research, of teaching and learning, and of participation and progressive thinking will emerge. Art and technology, light, colour, sound and movement will all play a central role in the programme, as will the relationship between people and machines. The virtual reality installation “The Total Dance Theatre”, a cooperation of the Interactive Media Foundation with the internationally sought-after choreographer Richard Siegal and Artificial Rome will explore this relationship and merges the audience and the action on stage. The detailed programme of the nine-day festival will be published at the end of October 2018, ?at which point in time the ticket sales also begin.

The opening festival will be held under the auspices of German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who will ceremoniously launch the event on 16 January. It takes place in cooperation with the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

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