A Pug and Modernity

Programme News | February 2020

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What does the pug do in modern times?

From Weimar ...

Should you be in Weimar and be in a hurry, we recommend the tour “Moderne im Paket” (“Modernism: A Package Tour”). 150 years of history, two museums and 90 minutes’ time. The tour takes you to the highlights of the Neues Museum and the Bauhaus Museum – every week at weekends until October 11.

After your tour, if you’re looking for an evening programme, you could buy tickets to see “Ottos Mops hopst …”. Eva-Maria Ortmann and Rainer Hauer have conceived this homage to the radical language artists from the time of DADA and the Bauhaus up to the more recent Ernst Jandl, presenting a stage production for the Theater im Gewölbe. The result is a treasure trove of linguistic gems, filled to the brim with humour and elevated nonsense.

Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Klassik Stiftung Weimar / Foto: Thomas Müller
Evening mood at the Bauhaus Museum Weimar

... and Halle ...

Halle and Lyonel Feininger are connected in a very special way: from 1929 to 1931, the Bauhaus master had a studio in the gate tower of the Moritzburg in Halle. He produced his 11-part Halle Cycle there. You can see three of the paintings in the permanent exhibition of the Kunstmuseum Moritzburg Halle.

And while you are there, you should definitely wear some headphones: the Feininger Audiowalk takes you on an individual tour of the city. The path leads you through the attractive Old Town route and provides you with historical perspectives on the eleven Feininger paintings in today’s city. If you also install the Feininger App on your smartphone, the acoustic experience goes multimedia. Your starting point is the Tourist Information at the market, which can provide you with the Audiowalk until December 21.


... via Kommern ...

After World War II, many church communities in Germany established so-called emergency churches and built them on their own using a mixture of war rubble and prefabricated elements. The project initiator was Otto Bartning, a protagonist of Modernism who engaged closely with Walter Gropius and the key ideas of the Bauhaus. At the LVR-Freilichtmuseum Kommern, you can visit a “diaspora chapel” that was relocated from Overath. Until October 25, 2020, the exhibition “Bartning. Bartning. Bartning.” also provides information on Otto Bartning and the emergency church project that carries his name (“Bartning-Notkirche”).



Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
Portrait of Otto Bartning / Photo: unknown, around 1923

... and Leipzig ...

The Institut français is presenting its touring exhibition “26 x Bauhaus” with a selection of international artists who use 26 key words to engage with the Bauhaus: from Abstraction to Zeitgeist. The exhibition is complemented by previously unpublished documents and archive finds on French former Bauhaus students. The final stop of this tour is Leipzig, where “26 x Bauhaus” will hold its closing ceremony at the end of April.


...to Dessau ...

Theoretically, you have time to visit the exhibition “Material und Architektur” at the Bauhaus building in Dessau until December 31, 2030. But we don’t recommend it. The exhibition is too exciting to put off a visit. It provides insight into a globally unique collection of original evidence that is still largely unknown. “Material und Architektur” presents a selection from the Bauhaus Research Archive. The researchers working there collect and study even the smallest items of the original Bauhaus that they find around the world: including door handles, bath tubs, colour samples and pieces of concrete. Using the building elements, materials, plans and personal testimonies, they make statements on the interaction between materials and the architecture of Modernity.


... and Berlin!

Of course, you're welcome to continue your Bauhaus experience in the German capital too. Either because you're using the early spring weather to take a look at the construction site of the new Bauhaus museum while walking along the Landwehr Canal. Or because you're joining in the invitation of the bauhaus_werkstatt to design, craft and discover together every Saturnday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the temporary bauhaus archive. If you prefer finished masterpieces, we highly recommend the guided bauhaus_tours through Berlin in English language: for example, on "East German Architecture" or on "International Architecture 1957“, starting from April 11th.

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