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Programme News: August 2019

Sites of Modernism Travelbook

The Grand Tour of Modernity allows you to experience 100 years of architectural history throughout Germany. The new guidebook by Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar, which will be published by Hatje Cantz on August 13, presents over 100 exemplary buildings in all parts of the country from the period between 1900 and the present day: including famous architectural monuments and insider tips. Essays by Werner Durth and Wolfgang Pehnt outline the story of their impact in that context. The book also provides practical tips and maps, making it an essential guide.


Cold – Study of Sensitivity

Do you tend to react to cold or to heat? And do you associate the terms with the weather or with emotions? From 21st to 25th August the artist Jenny Brockmann offers you the possibility to become part of her trial “Cold – Study of Sensitivity“ within the context of the Kunstfest Weimar. Brockmann combines apparatuses and methods from natural science creating a test area enabling people to engage with their personal reaction to cold and heat and to thus reflect on the effect of cold. Brockmann is also interested in the psychological effects of a “cold” society. She thus follows a good tradition: Her work is inspired by Gertrud Grunow who put attentiveness, harmonisation, balance and equilibrium on the curriculum at the early Bauhaus in Weimar. Artists’ talks and talks on heat and cold complement Jenny Brockmann’s work, which tests the limits of theatre, exhibition and installation.

Jenny Brockmann
”Cold – Study of Sensitivity“ by Jenny Brockmann


The festival of the Folkwang University of the Arts also engages with the experiences, sensuality and limits of the body. The Essen-based institution, however, also adds light, functionality and space and thus creates a quartet of notions that four internationally acclaimed creative artists translate into exhibitions and installations. Robert Henke, Young-Jae Lee, Adrian Sauer and Rimini Protokoll transform the area of the UNESCO world cultural heritage site Zollverein into a production site for contemporary art until February 2020. “Try again. Fail again. Fail better – IMPULS BAUHAUS“ comes alive through artistic discourse. Performances, installations, concerts, dance performances and exhibitions, fieldwork, workshops, salon evenings, lectures and discussions should engage guest artists, scientists, the public, teachers and students of the Folkwang University of the Arts in conversations with one another.

Try Again, Fail Again, Fail Better – Impuls Bauhaus, 2019
Impuls Bauhaus

Painted diagrams. Bauhaus, art and infographic

If you would like to quietly contemplate a painting after all the interaction and self-awareness, then the exhibition “Painted diagrams. Bauhaus, art and infographic” in Ingolstadt allows you to do this. Works of around 30 international artists explore how content and aesthetics of diagrams are used in a subversive, ironic or affirmative manner in visual arts. At the same time you can also see which artistic tools graphic designers use. Incidentally the exhibition title is a tribute to the Bauhaus student Margaret Camilla Leiteritz. She developed her “painted diagrams” based on scientific graphics.

Nick Koppenhagen, Witterungsreport II, 2014 / © Nick Koppenhagen
Weather Report by Nick Koppenhagen, Coloured and pencil drawing on paper, 59,4 x 84,1 cm

Designing Social Innovation

While Ingolstadt is dedicated to pure form, the 20 participants of the beyond Bauhaus summer school in Berlin explore the political interaction between design and society at the Berlin Aufbau Haus. Their questions go straight down to the bone: What can designers contribute to social integration, economic livelihood or effective climate protection? How can architects enhance urban living spaces while creating social balance? How can creative artists initiate societal transformation processes and control them in a sustainable manner? What instruments are there and what are the thus ensuing perspectives?

CLB Berlin / design akademie Berlin / Deutschland – Land der Ideen
beyond bauhaus summer school

The Bauhaus in the context of the cultural and social policies of the SOZ/GDR

Wolfgang Thöner takes an extremely exciting look at the past. The head of collections of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation will give a lecture on the Bauhaus in the context of the cultural and social policies of the SOZ/GDR – from architecture, design, to arts and education, to research on the Bauhaus and institutional connections. The lecture will take place at the Dokumentationszentrum Alltagskultur der DDR Eisenhüttenstadt on 18th August.

Wolfgang Thöner / © Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Wolfgang Thöner (Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Head of Collection)

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