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In the Spotlight: Hessen

Tillmann Franzen,
Settlement Bornheimer Hang (1928–30), Charles-Hallgarten-Schule, Architect: Ernst May

Bauhaus-Archive Darmstadt

For ten years, from 1960 to 1970, Darmstadt was home to the newly founded Bauhaus Archive. During this time there was not only an early and intensive reception of the Bauhaus, but also a great deal of art historical work and archiving. Many publications, lectures and exhibitions linked the archive with the city in which a number of Bauhaus members lived and worked after 1945. The Kunst  Archiv Darmstadt recalls these years in an exhibition which will last until 19 July and documents the period with photos, models, records and printed works.

On the exhibition
Nachlass Pit Ludwig, Sammlung Hauck, Darmstadt
Walter Gropius searching for a location on the Rosenhöhe in Darmstadt with f.l.t.r. Max Guther, Gropius' assistants Hans Harms, Walter Gropius, Heinz Winfried Sabais and Hans Maria Wingler, location search on the Rosenhöhe ", 1964, estate Pit Ludwig


In Darmstadt the Graphic Collection of the Landesmuseum presents an exhibition with works from its own collection. One exhibit is of special importance: the “Master Portfolio of the State Bauhaus”. It assembles works by Feininger, Kandinsky, Klee, Marcks, Muche, Schlemmer, Schreyer and Moholy-Nagy. There are 100 copies of this portfolio worldwide.

On the exhibition
Wolfgang Furhmannek, HLMD

Ernst May House

In the mid-1920s the director of the board of public works of Frankfurt, Ernst May, played a central role in the development of the city. More than 12,000 new flats were erected in only five years under his direction. You can visit one of these houses called the Ernst May House in the context of the Grand Tour of Modernism.

To the house
ernst-may-gesellschaft, Foto: Reinhard Wegmann
Ernst-May House, Im Burgfeld, Settlement Römerstadt, Photo: 2013

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