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Documentary for the Bauhaus Centenary

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Vom Bauen der Zukunft - 100 Jahre Bauhaus, © Filmtank

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“Bauhaus Spirit“ – is the working title of a cross-media project that the production company Filmtank is carrying out over the next years in the context of the Bauhaus Centenary. A documentary by the two filmmakers Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch is central to the project. Their working title “Bauhaus 100” suggests that the film will not only address Bauhaus history. But rather, it also creates a link to individual contemporary projects in which the Bauhaus spirit lives on and which are inspired by the ideas of the Bauhaus – even if in today’s totally different world. “In a time without visions the Bauhaus’ utopian approach is of particular interest to us along with the impetus for reform the Bauhaus triggered in the 1920s as a laboratory for experimentation – but also the failure of some of the school’s visions” Niels Bolbrinker reveals in the interview.

Naturally the documentary is being shot at the three most important Bauhaus venues: Dessau, Berlin and Weimar. But not only there. “We are also looking for links to the present in methodology and content and also want to include newer research approaches to the Bauhaus heritage.” Thereby the film concentrates on two main topics: the first topic will address the teaching at the Bauhaus and its pedagogical approaches – the creative education of the “New Man”. Apart from the radical new curriculum of the Bauhaus teaching, the parties at the Bauhaus and the stage were important factors “that have not really been discussed in the film as yet”, Bolbrinker says.

The second topic will address housing and coexistence in society – and is hence, very topical. Here special attention is paid to the period of the second Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer, during which cooperative ways of working, the social tendency of building and participation were clearly at the fore. Apart from Bauhaus trial buildings and of course its icons, the film introduces contemporary approaches of international social building, illustrated by the example of the works of the interdisciplinary design studio Urban Think Tank or the projects of the winner of the Pritzker price and this year’s director of the Biennale, Alejandro Aravena. We are eagerly awaiting the Bauhaus spirit Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch will track in today’s world.

The film is a co-production of the ZDF and ARTE and is due to open at cinemas in 2018. In time for the Centenary 2019 the documentary will also be shown on TV in a two-part series.

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With special thanks to Niels Bolbrinker.

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