sharing bauhaus

An investigation of the digital sphere

Today’s Bauhauslers

The new media attract more (usually young) people to educate themselves through play and experimentation than virtually any other field. It is equally true that the acquisition of skills in dealing with digital technologies calls for a knowledge transfer that forges contact between experiences and skill sets and makes learning a reciprocal endeavour.  Where, how and from whom do the designers of the digital sphere acquire their skills? And what role does expertise play in an era that increasingly demands that we become the designers of our own lives?

‘sharing bauhaus’ reflects the fact that, 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus, the boundary between master and student has become blurred. In our digital workshop, these historical labels are broken down into situational roles that can be adopted depending on the context, subject or medium without resorting to a fixed categorisation or even hierarchy that would extend beyond the act of the experiment of the moment.

Digital realities

With this in mind, we invited an international group of designers, researchers and artists to make a start and share their individual learning experiences with a global audience in the form of experimental tutorials. The aim is to create imaginative spheres that question and critically enhance our understanding of digital realities.


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