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Museumsarbeit Backstage: Schülerblag Junges Bauhaus
Anja Edelmann

Developing an anniversary exhibition

How does an exhibition evolve? And what exactly does a curator do? The exhibition space of a museum can be compared to an iceberg. Only a fraction of what constitutes a museum is actually visible, the biggest part is normally inaccessible to its visitors.

In the blog by the group Young Bauhaus, a project spanning networks, Bauhaus communication experts for the anniversary exhibition of 2019 are currently emerging. Pupils from two Berlin network schools accompany the curatorial work of art historian and media scientist Nina Wiedemeyer as she conceives and develops the anniversary exhibition "Original Bauhaus" until its opening in 2019.

Museumsarbeit Backstage: Schülerblag Junges Bauhaus
Anja Edelmann

Berliner Partner Schools

Artistic supervision
Nina Wiedemeyer / Curator

Contact person
Tullia Tarsia in Curia / Bauhaus Agent 


The team Young Bauhaus meets regularly as a group once a month, and together they develop a Bauhaus blog reflecting their own interests and questions. Every two weeks, a small team from the group accompanies the curator to her work dates and subsequently describe their impressions in their own blog contributions, photos and sketches. In this way the pupils get to know museum work backstage  while the curator learns about the young team's wishes and expectations for a Bauhaus exhibition. The opportunity emerges to develop, on a level with the young museum experts, an innovative programme of educational and communication formats relating to the exhibition.

This approach offers the pupils a chance to use forms and formats of modern communication (blog / social media) and to access fresh content in the fields of exhibition, museum and outreach via this method. At the same time, the museum profits inasmuch as it becomes open to new / young visitor groups, whose needs are incorporated from the beginning via the use of participatory formats; it can thus orient its communication and outreach accordingly.

(AE 2017)

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