Designing Toys

Figures in Motion

Philine Sollmann

Anhaltisches Berufsschulzentrum "Hugo Junkers" 
Elke Schüler / Teacher responsible for the project 

Artistic Supervision
Daniel Sturm / Product designer

May 2017
Philine Sollmann / Bauhaus Agent


Jumping Jacks and Peg Dolls 

Leg up, arm down, knee bends in! The figures seem to do whatever they like, and coordinating them proves more dfficult than it first seemed. Inspired by Margaretha Reichardt's designs for a Jumping Jack and peg dolls, which she produced during her training (1926 -1930) at the Bauhaus in Dessau, the workshop participants realised their own designs. Jumping Jack offers many possibilities for design, ranging from the figurative to the abstract. In addition to technical feasibility, it was also necessary to keep in mind that the figure should be suitable for another target group, e.g., for small children. In individual work and/or work in small groups, the participants tried out their artistic and technical abilities and craftsmanship; they were assisted by product designer Daniel Sturm from Berlin.

Schlemmer as a Source of Inspiration

Jointed puppets, the mechanics of joints, and the figure plan for the "Triadic Ballet" by Oskar Schlemmer were studied with respect to the design approach.  On the basis of his drawings and costume designs, the participants discussed their own ideas and sharpened their understanding of the figures' joints and the various possibilities of portrayal. In this way, diverse, brightly-coloured and functioning models were produced in a creative process towards the participants' own moving figures.

(PS 2017)

Philine Sollmann
Philine Sollmann
Philine Sollmann
Philine Sollmann
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