László Moholy-Nagy

Portrait of an Artist

Philine Sollmann

Development of the Audio Play

The pupils' study of the life and work of Bauhaus master László Moholy-Nagy, as well as their experiences when experimenting with light and material, flowed into the multi-voice sound-collage audio play Moholy-Nagy. They investigated the technique of the photogram and reported on their experiences and insights. The focus of attention shifts to their own practical experience, and this forms the content of the audio play.

The process was supervised by an audio playwright. She collected the children's stories, sounds and noises during the practical phase and established a digital collection of material.


Philine Sollmann

Evangelische Grundschule
Christine Werner
/ teacher responsible for the project 

Artistic supervision
Angi Harrer-Vukorep / author
Julia Marquardt / graphic designer, photographer

July to September 2018
Philine Sollmann / Bauhaus Agent

Audio Play


Through the audio medium it was possible to explore various levels of knowledge and its communication. 

The pupils' stories enjoyed equal importance to the background information provided by the academic associate. Flowing into the audio play, they made it into a lively work about the  Bauhaus master. This is now, in its present form, available to use in diverse contexts, e.g. for audio stations in the museumw, which do not only inform the visitors, but also motivate them to attend a workshop themselves or experiment with light after having listened to the audio play. Inclusion in an audioguide or a visitor-app is also conceivable. This way, the audio play could be played back individually on a mobile. As preparation for a visit or for a school class introduction to the issues of the Bauhaus, accessibility on websites would appear an obvious additional development.

The workshops run in the context of the audio play – dealing with the photogram, experiments with light, and the construction of their own light-space modulator – are available for future use together with the audio play.

(PS 2018)

Philine Sollmann
Philine Sollmann
Julia Marquardt
Philine Sollmann
Philine Sollmann
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