How do you understand your mission as Bauhaus Agents? How would you describe your mission profile?

We have been active for three years now. Since October we have had a new agent in our team, and she has also asked us this question. As we ourselves understand it, we are innovative designers of outreach and communication. We initiate reflection processes, make new thinking possible. We create spaces for experience and dialogue between actors, objects and current issues – in theory as well as in practice. In doing so, it is important to us to follow participative approaches with all those involved, to explore limits playfully, and to discuss them professionally, eye-to-eye. We want to give visitors a voice, to involve them. We design platforms and formats at the interface between everyday life, the museum and the foundation. And last but not least: We bring schools/pupils and their ideas and experiences into the museum.

What are the best moments in your work?

Bringing together the varying needs of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the museum, and above all the school participants - that has been and remains the greatest challenge. One very important source of inspiration is  conversation. Exchange among all participants is exciting and important for the process within each project. We have had to learn to give things time, not to become impatient. The Bauhaus Museum has been open for over a month now. It's fun to watch how our interactive offerings–developed in the programme–are being accepted, how visitors proceed in different ways, how they compose their individual collections, how different 3-D objects are being designed on the touch installation, and how people have them emailed home or create their own lighting scenarios. The visitors take their time. They concentrate intensely on our radio play Moholy-Nagy, for example, or on the film about some school projects; or they engage with the shadow thrower in the interval. For us, this represents appreciation of what we have achieved. It shows us that we have reached our goal.

Where and how will the results of the agents' work become visible?

Personally, we are always enthusiastic about diversity and the resulting abundance. This is now visible in the various Bauhaus buildings that Dessau has to offer, in the Bauhaus Museum, in urban space and, of course, in our partner schools beyond the borders of Dessau. Why not come along and take a look at everything: our interactive, analogue and digital hands-on stations, the curatorial presentation of the temporary exhibition area "Experimental Room" until October 2020, the play furniture "ALMA_100" and the game idea machines on the freely accessible ground floor of the Bauhaus Museum. Our "Entdecker" booklets or the drawing aid,"ZeichenKIT", are now an integral part of the outreach programme. They help school classes and individual visitors to explore the Bauhaus buildings, masters' houses or Törten housing estate. Interactive tour formats and regular thematic workshops have become well-established and can be booked. We are also delighted that we have been able to re-equip our outreach and education rooms in the Bauhaus building together with school pupils. The project "West Parkside" with our partner schools, residents of the city and students from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences left behind an open air gallery, until the opening of the museum, to enable kids to get to grips with the Bauhaus and its 100th anniversary. There is more information on our website. We can't mention everything, but finally: The flash mob during the theatre festival, with more than 750 people from Dessau, and the performances of the Bauhaus revue on the original Bauhaus stage as part of the theatre festival were overwhelming. And now for what is really our last sentence: By 2020 we will have finished the documentary film about the city of Dessau-Roßlau, its inhabitants, and the building and opening of the Bauhaus Museum. This is being decisively co-designed and produced by our Dessau school pupils. It's all still very exciting.

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