Bauhaus Advertisement 'bauhaus tapeten' no. 5

Moses Bahelfer, 1930

Nachlass Hannes Meyer, Archiv der Moderne, Weimar / © unbekannt
Bauhaus advertisement "bauhaus tapeten" no. 5, finished artwork/montage for printing plate production, author: Moses Bahelfer, 1930.

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For the production of the master/printing plate, the stamped Antiqua font ‘bauhaus tapeten’ and the large dots were applied on top of the typewritten text. The Bauhaus advertisement no. 5 appeared in, among other things: 'ReD', special issue bauhaus dessau no. 3/1930; 'Die Form', no. 9/1.5.1930; 'Das Neue Frankfurt', no. 6/7/1930; 'Rhein-Mainische Volkszeitung'. There are further versions, one-and two-column, in which the lettering "bauhaus tapeten" is replaced by lettering inscribed with a round-nib fountain pen.

The printing plates for the Bauhaus advertisements were numbered according to advertising date; Moses Bahelfer’s advertisement was No. 5.

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Rasch-Archiv, Bramsche / © unbekannt
Bauhaus advertisement "bauhaus tapeten" no. 5, zink printing plate, author: Moses Bahelfer, 1930.

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